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A Brief Introduction:


I am an intuitive psychic medium and love what I do. 
My motto is healing through understanding.  I believe in the power of the connection to not just spirit but our Angels.  I also believe in the power of healing through meditation and guidance.  When you come to see me we will be able to communicate with lost loved ones, pets (both deceased and living) but we we can also tap into your guides and Angels to help guide you through this crazy thing we call life.
Our life is meant to have struggles, lessons and brilliantly happy moments.  Life is about learning and loving.  The main lesson we have to learn here is how to love unconditionally but still know when something or someone is not right to have in our lives.  I think for many it is the hardest lesson of all. 
As I see an increase of empathic people and highly sensitive individuals on this earth I see more and more suffering.  This is the reason I teach many of the classes I do.  I was driven early on to follow a motto of being in the present due to my own life stresses.  The more present I am the more I can control my emotional response to the moments that happen during the day.
I hope that I can help you achieve this too!
Remember, above all else we are human and not every day is going to be perfect.  Not everyday will be happy, but we can make happy balanced day more the norm in our lives.  Live to be happy and be happy to live.
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